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Posted: 08/23/2012

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Looking for fun in Kansas City, Kan., is not as big a gamble as you may think.

If you are into games of chance, there is the 7th Street Casino in the heart of downtown KCK. But if you think bigger is better, there is the Hollywood Casino on the western edge of the city.

Right next door to Hollywood is the Kansas Speedway, for some of the fastest entertainment in town.

If you are looking for something a bit quieter, try a trip to the Amos and Anne Grinter Museum for a look at what pioneer life in Wyandotte County was like in the 1850s.

The museum is located where the first ferry operated on the Kansas River. Museum curator Joe Brentano says the ferry was important to the county’s growth.

“Many travelers would come and cross Grinter’s Ferry as a short cut to Leavenworth and catch the Oregon Trail north, so you have the beginning of commerce,” explained Brentano.

There is lots of commerce at the Legends outlet mall. Besides great shopping, you can also learn something about one of the 80 people, places or things with a tribute there, according to Legends Marketing Director Amy Kraft.

“You can take an audio walking tour for free, you can come up to customer service and checkout this head set,” Kraft said.

The real attraction of the mall is the shopping and dining. There are more than 60 shops and over 30 restaurants.

Another must see in Kansas City, Kan., is the Strawberry Hill Museum and Cultural Center. The Queen Anne style house was once owned by Attorney John Scroggs, and it now shows how the wealthy lived in the late 1800s.

“They incorporated all the three signs of wealth for that time period. The stained glass windows, the solid oak woodwork and tower room,” explained Bernadette Soptic, a museum tour guide.

The museum focuses on the Croatian culture, but has nine rooms representing other ethnic groups in the Strawberry Hill area. The Polish room even has a tie to a past pope. The bed was built by a former TWA employee who Pope John Paul used when he flew on our hometown airline.

You can learn more about the Grinter Museum at http://bit.ly/Grinter

To see more on the Legends, visit http://bit.ly/LgndsTr

Learn more on Strawberry Hill at http://bit.ly/StrwBryHl

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