New study shows yelling swear words, especially the ‘R-rated’ words, is an effective pain reliever

@#%! Go ahead, say it. It’s good for you!

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Posted: 04/27/2011

JACKSONVILLE, Florida - New research shows profanity is more than just a bad habit. It’s an effective pain reliever.

It’s a cliché, if you hit your thumb with a hammer, or if you’re getting a shot at the doctor or if you stub your toe in the middle of the night, most of us will yell out a great big loud swear word.

Now a study shows cursing might not be a vice, but psychological anesthetic.

The study showed patients who swore were able to endure pain forty seconds longer than those who didn’t.

Not only that, but full-blown, potty-mouthed, not-fit-for-network-television swear words are more effective at easing pain than PG-rated curses like “shoot” or “dang-it.”


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